Exercise and fun in the water

Duration: 45 minutes

Aquarobics is a modern and effective method of workout. It is addressed to everybody, irrespective of their age, gender and fitness level. Classes are done in groups in both shallow and deep water pool, while music is playing at the background. Aquarobics have become one of the most popular of workout in the water, thanks to the variety of aerobic and anaerobic (dynamic) exercises, with the use of equipment.

The 25m indoor swimming pool of Trittis Sports & Leisure Center is equipped with the latest equipment and accessories, enabling you to use the best possible methods to workout, always with the collaboration of experienced instructors.

What is Aquarobics?

Aquarobics is a pleasant and interesting form of exercise in a swimming pool, which is very beneficial to the human body. The upward force of water counterbalances gravity and minimizes the impact on the bones and joints. Body weight is around 90% lighter in water, thus enabling the individual to do more repetitions with less fatigue, as compared to respective exercises performed on dry land and exercise areas of their body which cannot be exercised with the same intensity on dry land.

What does the exercise programme include?

Exercise using a bike, step, treadmill, water trampoline and aqua Pilates

Aquarobic programmes only rarely contain the same exercises. Using special aqua equipment inside the pool, each class is unique. What classes do have in common, however, is that every area of the body is exercised in the most pleasant and entertaining way, so that everybody can participate.

  • Aqua Cardio
    o In a shallow pool with the water level up to the chest
    o In deep water pool

Enjoy swimming with all your heart! Swimming may benefit almost all systems of the human body and uplift your spirits, thus improving your health. Aerobic sports exercise keeps cardio frequency at a high level, raising your fitness level.

  • Water bike

Cycling becomes interestingly different in the water! The water bike bears special features, it is easy to use and it exercises the abdominals, all muscle groups of the legs as well as the muscles of the body and upper limbs. The intensity of the exercise is adjusted to your own fitness level, without burdening the muscles, ligaments, joints and tendons.

  • Step in water

Using special aqua step, the programme includes a variety of exercises, creating wellness without intense fatigue!

  • Water trampoline

Have fun and exercise, using the professional water trampolines, enjoying all benefits of water. It is appropriate for exercise, recovery, toning and slimming.

  • Water treadmill

Walk and run on the treadmill, exercising all the muscles of your legs, without burdening your body.

  • Buoyancy belts

Buoyancy belts provide support during the class, while enabling you to posture your body correctly.

  • Ankle weights

Special ankle water weights exercise the thighs, the adductor, femoral and quadriceps muscles.

  • Aqua noodle

The variety of exercises in water becomes more fun by using the aqua noodle.

  • Circuit training

In circuit training, selected exercises are performed successively, aiming at exercising different muscle groups at each station.

The advantages of aquarobics

Aquarobics has multiple advantages. When the heart is in the water, it functions with fewer pulses per minute as compared to when it is on dry land. As a result, exercising in water has a positive impact on a person’s health, with less effort and fatigue. The upward force of water lifts spirits while it contributes to a lower cardio frequency during the exercise, due to the more effective return of blood to the heart, thus making Aquarobics appropriate for safe weight loss. In addition, it has great benefits for overweight persons as well as for persons who have suffered injury and wish to rectify any mobility problems they may have, by exercising.

The density of water is 12 times greater than that of atmospheric air, thus creating hydrostatic pressure. This pressure, exercises the same force on all surface areas of the body and it exercises all its areas in a balanced way. The water temperature counterbalances the temperature of the human body, thus allowing the circulatory system to channel blood to the muscles.

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