Swimming for children

Swimming for children


  • Beginners 30 minutes (once or twice a week)
  • Advanced, one hour (once or twice a week)

Love and respect water

Since 1995, Trittis Sports & Leisure Center has been a pioneer in Cyprus as regards baby and children swimming.

During the “swimming lessons for children”:

  • The child becomes independent from the presence of his/ her parent and participates in a programme of a pedagogical nature under the guidance of our trainers, in small groups.
  • A feeling of respect is created in water, as well as of familiarisation and security
  • Emphasis is given to the personality and character of each individual child, taking into account that each child is unique.
  • Original applications are applied, derived from our many years of teaching and their therapeutic implementation on babies and parents (Birthlight).
  • All kinds of swimming are taught; diving, turns, life guarding, water polo, safety rules.
  • The child works out, while learning to swim properly and having a pleasant time with his/ her little friends.

No stress or pressure… Against any tactics and methods of forcing children

The “swimming for children” programme, depending on their swimming ability, is addressed to:

  1. Beginners
  2. Advanced

Playing in the swimming pool promotes child development, relaxation and confidence enhancement

Why is swimming for children at Trittis Sports & Leisure Center different from lessons anywhere else?

  • Thousands of parents trust us and have entrusted their children with us. The long experience and continuous training of the team of Trittis Sports & Leisure Center guarantee that swimming lessons comply with the qualitative criteria of safe and professional teaching, using revised techniques.
  • Children:
    o Get to know, respect and love water
    o They learn to swim
    o They get trained for their safety
    o They develop their personality through a healthy and pleasant activity
    o They overcome their fears
  • Each group for beginners consists of up to 4 children while each advanced group consists of 10-12 children.

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