Summer School

Summer School

A unique summer programme of exercise and fun for the children with no hassle for parents

Trittis Sports & Leisure Center successfully runs a summer school every July each year in Limassol, called “Trittis Swim Fun Camp” with the participation of children aged 4,5 years old and above, under the guidance of our experienced team of trainers and instructors! Our little friends spend a carefree summer; they socialise and acquire new experiences and skills. At the same time, parents know for sure that their children have fun through exercise and creative activities within the context of our summer school!

Swimming, sports, dancing, theatre and whatever is summery and carefree!

The premises of Trittis Sports & Leisure Center are a small oasis, in full compliance with all health and safety standards, satisfying the requirements of both adults and children.

During their summer school, children will have the opportunity to engage in and be taught various sports and activities such as:

  • Swimming (learning, technique)
  • Group games
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Handball
  • Volley ball
  • Singing
  • Theatre
  • Art
  • Constructions
  • Table games
  • Projection of films

When? In July
Opening hours 07:30-15:00
Where? Trittis Sports & Leisure Center, Limassol
For whom? Children aged 4,5 and over (the programme is adjusted on the basis of age groups)
With who? The experienced team of Trittis Sports & Leisure Center is composed of professional teachers and accredited instructors, holders of physical education and science degrees, ensuring a safe environment in which children may be entertained and trained at the same time.

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