Birthlight (Cambridge, UK)

Birthlight (Cambridge, UK)

With our unique philosophy and polite approach, we emphasize on the personality and requirements of every child

Since 1995,  Trittis Sports & Leisure Center is a pioneer in Cyprus as regards baby swimming. It is the first and only indoor swimming center in Cyprus which brought in Cyprus and applies the internationally recognised specialised programme called Birthlight, for the training and development of basic and other important swimming skills of children, in water.

Strengthen the relationship between parents and children using the Birthlight techniques in the water

During the Birthlight baby/ infant/ toddler swimming lessons:

  • Parents and their child are treated as a team, through interaction based on trust, fun and love.
  • The approach is polite, mild and effective aiming at creating a feeling of comfort and security between the parent and the baby, while strengthening their relationship.
  • Emphasis is given to the personality and character of each child individually, taking into account the fact that every child is unique.
  • Safe techniques (holds), balance exercises, playing practices, singing etc are taught during the lesson.
  • Original applications are applied, derived from the many years of teaching and their beneficial application to babies and parents.

No stress or pressure…. against practices and methods which force children

The Birthlight baby/ infant/ toddler swimming programme is addressed to:

  1. Parents and babies from 3 months to 1 year old
  2. Parents and children from 1 to 4 years old, preparing them for their smooth transition to little swimmers, depending on their readiness
  3. Special baby/ infant swimming for babies and children with special needs.

Playing in the swimming pool promotes relaxation, child development and self confidence enhancement

Why is infant and toddler swimming at Trittis Sports & Leisure Center different from lessons anywhere else?

  • Thousands of parents trust us and have entrusted their children with us. The long experience and continuous training of the team of Trittis Sports & Leisure Center guarantee that swimming lessons are in full compliance with the qualitative criteria for safe and professional teaching, using revised techniques.
  • Children and their parents come even closer together, through a pleasant activity while:
  1. They get to know, respect and love water
  2. Their not yet fully developed immune system is enhanced
  3. They get trained for their safety
  4. They develop their personality through a healthy and pleasant activity
  5. Children and parents develop a strong bond between them
  6. They overcome their fears
  7. Their senses are activated for a better development and control of their body
  • Children get taught through their parents

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