Aqua healing programme

Lately, the implementation of hydrotherapy programmes becomes more and more popular. All scientific studies have shown that the hydrodynamics of water creates an appropriate environment for exercising, in order to recover any mobility loss and enhances weak muscles. The upward force of water, the temperature, the resistance and the hydrostatic pressure are key to the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal, neurological and chronic diseases, such as:

  • Musculoskeletal- orthopaedic (lumbago-coxalgia)
  • Neurological (MS, Parkinson)
  • Rheumatism (fibromyalgia)

The greatest benefit of hydrotherapy is the increase of the functionality, the relief of pain and the improvement of the person’s quality of life

Trittis Sports & Leisure Center is accredited by the “International Aquatic Therapy Faculty” (IATF) whose registered office is in Switzerland.
The instructor (hydro-instructor), Giannis Darlasis, is the only instructor in Cyprus trained to use the BRRM, AI-CHI, Halliwich and AquaStrech hydrotherapy methods. Thanks to its collaboration with doctors and physiotherapists, its long experience and the professionalism of its team, under the guidance of Mr Darlasis, Trittis Sports & Leisure Center demonstrates excellent results, for example as regards pain relief.

Private and group classes

Specific hydrotherapy methods are applied at the Center, as follows:

  • Bad Ragaz Ring Method (BRRM): It is physiotherapist treatment plan, focusing on pain relief and relaxation of the muscle spasms, the stimulation of the central nervous system, the increase of the strength of the body muscles, the relief of muscle tone etc. It is recommended for patients suffering from osteoarthrosis, inflammatory diseases, spinal cord problems, lumbago, surgical rehabilitation of a tendon etc.
  • AI-CHI: simple relaxation exercises carried out through a combination of coordinated breathing and calm movements of the body and the limbs, while relaxing music is playing at the background. It is recommended for persons suffering from rheumatic arthritis, chronic pain, lumbago, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and for pregnant women.

Easing stress, improvement of the quality of life, depression, insomnia, fatigue

  • Halliwich: Therapeutic swimming for persons with gait disorders, hemiplegia, brain injury, neurological deficiencies etc.
  • AquaStrech: Muscle pain is usually caused by the formation of points in the human body, which are particularly sensitive when compressed. These are called “myofascial trigger points”, caused by muscle injury, posture problems, excessive stretching etc. This treatment aims to rehabilitate the adjacent muscle function (trigger points).

Recovery of functionality

Trittis Sports & Leisure Center is fully equipped (water bikes, flotation belts, trampolines, swimming flotation collars, tubes, dumbbells, hydrotherapy collars, weights etc.) and is fully harmonised with European and international standards, ensuring the best possible result. High quality services are offered, by responsible, scientific staff, in full cooperation with medical specialities (orthopaedics, physiotherapists etc.) who apply hydrotherapy as a therapeutic approach.

The beneficial properties of water have been known since ancient times. Hippocrates (460-375 a.d.), the father of Medicine, was the first to have systematically studied the therapeutic properties of warm and cold baths. All modern scientific studies show that hydrodynamics contribute in the creation of an appropriate exercise environment

Therapeutic exercise in water

Aims of hydrotherapy

  • Increase of the mobility of the spinal cord
  • Increase of the range of movement of the ligaments
  • Improvement of the cardio-pulmonary function
  • Gait cycle training
  • Improvement of static and dynamic balance
  • Improvement of body posture control
  • Improvement of muscle atrophy, muscle spasm

The benefits of hydrotherapy

  • It promotes muscle relaxation
  • It relieves muscle spasm
  • It increases the range of motion of the ligaments
  • It increases muscle force in atrophic muscles
  • It reduces gravitational forces
  • It increases the stability of the body
  • It improves the motional control of the body
  • It helps to acquire balance
  • It improves neuromuscular control
  • It improves confidence

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